The Tricky Sequel

Grace with iPad

Training Grace to be able to do some autobiographical blogging of her own sometime soon

So after Day One with the wonderfully behaved Grace, who did everything I expected her to, at the time I expected her to, in a manner I expected her to, we came with high…and ok, yes, possibly impossibly high, expectations of a repeat performance, into Day Two.  Day Two, four hours in, where it is clear that everything we learned form Tuesday no longer applies. Despite trying to stick to the same routine, expecting the same results, the two of us are following a completely different path today.  I guess today’s lessons are: Lesson 1: I’m not the master of our destiny.  Lesson 2: Whatever you plan to do at any given time, make sure that you have alternative plans.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not really worse than Tuesday (and as I say, Tuesday set the bar high), it’s just I’m having to try a little harder! As an aside, I have a habit of referring to these Daddy Day Care days, as my days off.  This is not appreciated in certain quarters, so please feel free correct me if I slip up. I’m used to it.


Grace’s energy levels at 7am are inversely proportional to mine

Maybe I celebrated too soon, the fact that for the first time in a number of weeks, Grace slept through to 5.30am.  Grace had never really had a problem with sleep…indeed in her early days, we were always worried she was sleeping too much and were forever waking her up – much to the disapproval of virtually everyone I told!

However, for the last four weeks or so, Grace has been waking up at 2am for a quick feed, then 4am for a whinge, as a result of sore gums we think. Or a cold.  Or cold. Or malicious intent.  If you google “waking up at 4am”, you get about 2 million different reasons, and 4 million potential solutions and opinions. Google’s great for that…

Of course, I’m joking about the malicious intent. Grace reserves that for when I’m trying to put on her trousers or tights. Put them on her, obviously.

Anyhow, a more rested Grace than on Tuesday, meant a completely new set of times for wanting to be fed and nap. She wanted to be fed at the same time I wanted to organise the washing machine installation. She wanted to sleep just as I’d finished packing for a trip to the swimming pool (postponed). But we got through the day with little drama to report…aside from Grace “somehow” tipping of an entire cup of water over herself, which she ended up sitting in for a minute or two before I noticed. Bad Daddy.

Will have to plan my future days more carefully to allow some flexibility, otherwise Grace will surely soon tire of me pulling faces, singing silly songs, generally being manhandled and tossed around like a giggling sack of spuds and being plonked in the Jumperoo when all other entertainment options have been exhausted.

We love banana. As an accessory.

We love banana. As an accessory.

The Days Stats:
Music Education: 1979 / Tonight. Tonight – Smashing Pumpkins, Satellite of Love / Perfect Day – Lou Reed

Books Read (not for the first time!): Mr Perfect / Owl Babies.

Distance walked: 2 miles round village

Minutes snoozed: None

Bananas Eaten: Half (“eaten” is pushing it)


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