In Between Days 1

Of course, not everything that happens, happens on my two days of child care. Of course, not everything that happens is worthy of recount, nor of interest to anybody other than myself.  Of course, that last bit, presupposes that any of this blog is.  Annnnyway…..

So in order to fill in some of the gaps that may appear in between my days in charge, I thought I’d better throw the odd amuse bouche in, to give a bit of context, background…flavour if you will.  Bloated, self indulgent, wordage if you wont.

So last week, we went to view the photos from our Venture photo shoot.  For the uninitiated, Venture offer gift shoots at around £20 for an hour, take a large number of fantastic photos, and then try and sell you the results, where the cheapest item on their list is £350, knowing that new parents will find it akin to neglect to leave pictures of their little ones behind and discarded on the cutting room floor. To be fair we didn’t get a hard sell, and they do have some cheaper items not on their list, but they don’t really go into these until you’ve convinced them the £1,500 large frame pic is not for you.  As expected, I wanted every picture there, and as expected I wasn’t allowed them.  venture

Hopefully wont be long before Grace is tucking into Sunday Lunch

We’re also starting the painfully slow, messy, and frustrating task of getting Grace into food.  We’re going down the Baby Led Weaning route (so I’m told), where you forego a lot of the mush and purees commonly available in jars and sachets, and give your baby actual bits of food to play with, get used to, and hopefully, if you’re really, really lucky, eat a tiny part of.  What you need for this is basically unlimited reserves of patience, and good selection of suitable food stuffs….and most importantly a bib that covers as much of the exterior of your baby as is humanly possible.  Our easily wipeable, quarry tiled dining room floor is also an invaluable item.

STOP PRESS: We have a tooth!  More on this no doubt as the weeks progress and I relate proudly, its millimeter by millimetre growth, but for now, just take my word for it…it’s there!


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