Going Swimmingly


Grace testing out her HUGE cot, in the best way possible.

You join me at 9.45am and all is calm.  After a 2.30am to 4am trying to get Grace to sleep session, I am thankful for the opportunity to zone out a little. I am conscious that, if I’m not careful, these blog entries will be basically observations around sleeping and eating.  However, as any time and motion study of Grace would undoubtedly show, that is indeed what fills most of the day.  That and nappies, but for the sake of the tone of this blog, I intend to steer well clear of that subject.  Unless Grace does another really explosive poo that hits one side of the bedroom wall, from the changing table on the other side, as she once did.  I hope you’ve all finished your breakfast…

Grace is still in our bedroom at the moment, but her arms now stick out the sides of her cot, and so I guess the time is fast coming to move her out.  In an effort to help her transition to splendid isolation in the nursery, we’re putting her down during the day into her cot which she seems to like, despite being completely lost in it, it being so big and she being so tiddly.


Water baby, with triple swim nappy system to prevent accidents…and huge embarrassment to dad should the pool need clearing as a result….

During this mid morning nap (seems to be an hour ahead of where I was reliably informed it would happen – I’ve either worn her out with daddy play or else the drugs (Calpol!) have kicked in) I have packed the towels and swimming costumes and am ready to venture to the pool when Grace wakes up.  We have been once before, but with an extra set of hands.  Even then it was a bit of a struggle, so I am feeling a little trepidatious about this. But, as I keep being told, I do need to find things for Grace to do, and given that I could barely swim until I was 11, I am quite keen to get Grace happy around water as soon as possible.

So to the pool. Getting us both changed single handed was a laborious and lengthy exercise, but at least the pool is brand new and has decent sized family changing cubicles. Lesson One: check and dry the baby table before placing your baby, fully clothed upon it. Hopefully Grace’s clothes will have dried by the time we get out….  Into the pool itself, and I immediately sense a problem. Lesson Two: make sure your baby is unlikely to want feeding. Bonus points for packing a warm bottle of milk. Minus points for choosing not to use it before swimming. Minus minus points for thinking I could carry on regardless. A grizzly and largely joyless twenty minutes was spent moving Grace in and out of the water, largely against her will. I thought the life guard was going to step in and tell me to go as Grace was clearly not enjoying her aquatics. We got through though…the highlight was actually the showers afterwards which Grace took quite a liking to. By the time we got back the 15 minutes of pool time had taken just under two hours. Lesson Three: Everything takes longer with a baby. A lot longer.

Come mid afternoon, it was time to try a new food on Grace. We’re currently working our way through the fruit and veg aisle, and today was the turn of nectarine. Nectarine was a hit, and Grace got stuck into the segments I’d cut for her with gusto. Especially if gusto is defined as getting covered head to toe in sticky fruit juice and bits of fruit and skin. Still, it was good to see Grace enjoying eating – after her first couple of food encounters I feared we could have been in for a bit of a battle with food, but looks promising now.

The BEFORE nectarine picture. I was unable to touch anything AFTER, especially delicate technology like a camera!

The Days Stats:
Music Education:  Orange Crush/Losing My Religion/Nightswimming REM 

Books Read : We’re going On A Bear Hunt

Distance walked: 0.5miles up and down the lounge with Grace in the pram to get her to sleep

Minutes snoozed: None

Toilets fixed : 1 (Eventually. After 8 weeks out of action. Bonus points for daddy!)

Hours Spent With Daughter: loads and loved each and every minute






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