6 Months and a Day

So you join us, as you usually do at the start my days in charge, somewhere between 4 and 5 in the morning, birds going doolally outside, with a warm, yet wriggly body in my arms, trying my hardest to get it to sleep. Strangely, the night after I had been last been in charge, Grace slept 11 hours straight. Unfortunately tonight I had been up to 1am with some work, so it didn’t really feel time to get up, and it was a relief when Grace slumped under the pressure of my will and fell asleep again quickly. No sofa for me this time though…for Grace now has her own room at last, and so I could put her into the cot and sneak back to my own bedroom, for another two hours….they make all the difference! Fortunately I’m a short sleeper anyway. I don’t feel I’ve got my money out of a day if I go to sleep before midnight, and the alarm…in the days when I still needed one,  would go off at 6.30am. Some people would note that it would still then take me two hours to actually leave the house….

The nursery in quieter times….

Six months then. And a day. It was just over six months when we were putting the finishing touches to the nursey, not knowing what exactly we were letting into our lives.  We’d only had our crash NCT intense weekend course the week before. We were surely not yet qualified. But then barely over 12 months ago, I was still in blissful ignorance of it all! Years used to go by fairly sedately, with little to tell between one and the next. No longer I suspect.

Back to the now, and it being a Thursday means, as we learnt last week…Bumps and Babies! (There were no bumps for the record…I suspect those with bumps prefer the ignorance of what is in store, as opposed to the screaming, wrestling, pushing, pulling, hitting, snatching reality on the floor in front of them).   I still haven’t quite got my mind around attending these, but the continuing development of Grace’s Treasure Box does depend on it, so I was happy to make the effort. However, Grace woke up as grouchy as I remember her, and I didn’t feel her wailing and squealing was what the other babies needed….though to be fair, they all give as good as they get. So happily grasping any excuse that came my way, we decided the box could wait until next week. It is actually very tough to see your child crying and obviously in some discomfort and not knowing what to do. You feed, you change, you cuddle, but that’s about the full repetoire. After that, and without any decent patient feedback, I guess it’s Calpol. Or try to mentally tune out the grizzling. For now, I settle on the latter.

Now just exactly where do you intend to be sticking that thermometer….?!


Just to be on the safe side, I take Grace’s temperature. This is something I probably did about 3 times an hour when Grace first came home, and I still do reasonably regularly. This is probably due to fascination with the gadget, rather than any particular concern I have over Grace’s fluctuating temperature since in all the hundreds of readings I’ve taken, not one has ever been outside of the normal range.  The beauty of the thermometer is that it measures room and bath temperatures too! Stand still long enough in this house and you’ll get zapped. Alongside the Nappy Disposal System, this has got to be at the top of the baby gadget essentials to have. Maybe that’s now earmarked as a blog topic for another day!


I photobomb Gracie’s selfie (not sure these words will actually make sense in the future when Grace reads this)

For today, the writing must be limited. I am supposed to be packing for a three night stay at Centre Parcs, leaving tomorrow. This is truly a military exercise of industrial proportions. I can’t even begin to face the logistical challenge that will be getting everything in the car, until daylight.  I have already taken  an unhealthy fascination in car top boxes. Just one example of how much a year can change you!






“I hope mummy wont be long…” says  

The Day’s Stats:
Music Education:   Creep (Radio Edit of course!) / Street Spirit – Radiohead   Caribou – Pixies 

Distance walked:  4.2 miles to the water park. 1 hour 10 mins… 12 months ago I could run it in under 37mins

Photos Posted to Facebook: 5 (an addiction fuelled by being stuck home alone with a photogenic baby, a camera phone, and no plans to go out )

Baths:  1 (boiler fixed!!)

Minutes snoozed: None

Meals at Table: 3

New Foodstuffs: 1 (melon)



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